Tuesday Top Charts 8/6/19

1) 50 Day Moving Average - We look for trends and direction of core indexes. When we have 60% of Companies above the 50 Day moving, this is bullish for the Short Term. When below 40%, this is bearish for the Short Term. Right now the trend is not our friend, with all 4 major indexes breaking below 40%

2) Volatility Index - When we are below 12, it's generally a good time to buy, above 15, not so much. Yesterday we spiked to 24 and up significantly over the last week, understandable based on whats going on. But don't be fooled by today's headline, watch the VIX. When you look back over time, when it goes above 20, it will generally a month to burn off. So this is still a good time #staynimble

3) Copper - So why is Copper a good indicator of how the economy is doing? It's the center piece of any emerging or expanding industrial economy. From electrical wiring to plumbing, from radiators to air conditioners, they all require the services of Copper. One of the biggest users of Copper is China, not surprising. Everyone is focused on Tariffs, but China has been slowing big time since 2018 #Copper

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