Tuesday's Top Charts | August 27, 2019

Yield Curve - Yes, this has been the big story. We closed at Zero yesterday, but the 10 year - 3 month went to a low of -47. This is not a number we have seen since 2007. So yes, we are showing flashing signs of a recession, but we still don't see on our radar.....Yet

S&P - Overall Markets - Range bound zzzzzz. When you look at last week, we went up on low volume and down on big volume. This is not a bullish sign and one reason we are negative short term. Volatility continues above 15, but look for a surge above 20, to show the bears are in charge. Below 15, the Bulls will come running.

South Korea - When we look at Asia, it's not just about China. Although it seems that way with all of the headlines. But with China slowing, it affects others, South Korea being the biggest. Dow -26% from it's high, they are clearly in a Bear Market. Europe and Asia slowing, will it move to the US? Time will tell.

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