Tuesday's Top Charts | August 20, 2019

Range Bound - It's a fight between the Bulls and the Bears, with swings up/down of 120 points on the S&P. With a close up view, you can see lower volume on up days and higher volumes on down days. Until that changes, the Bears have control.

Earnings - Haven't shown this one in a while, but earnings do matter. This shows GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) Earnings, with the S&P. It seemed that last week, the world woke up and realized we are slowing. This view shows it.

Healthcare - I pointed this out on our latest mid-month video, Healthcare has stalled. It generally does well in this part of the cycle, but has been range bound for months. It bounced off the 200 day moving average, had a strong day and a breakout. Hopefully this is sign of good things to come.

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