Week of August 12th - Signal Update

After a #volatile week, it should come as no surprise that we have had a signal change.

Short-Term - Negative - Despite showing over sold conditions, short-term continues its negative trend.

Mid-Term - Has gone Negative. We had two breaks last week, one on the trend line and one on MACD (Momentum). Neither are good signs for the short-term and brings even more caution to our allocations.

Long-Term - If it were today, it would be negative. Going into the month, it looked like MACD (Momentum) was going to have a positive crossover. But it has stalled and is pointing down again.

After taking profits on #Bonds and Bond Proxies, we have raised an additional 3% cash. This will allow us to deploy, no matter the market direction. After more than holding our own since the July highs, it allows us to be patient.

As always, it's a good time to #staynimble.


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