Is This a Classic Market Melt-Up?

A few weeks ago, in our market update, we discussed this bull market that just won't slow down... and who isn't happy about that! The Fed, the #PowellPut and President #Trump are doing everything they can to keep this market going until the next election. Is this a case of a classic market melt-up? (A melt-up is often defined as a sharp and unexpected rise in the price of an asset class, driven largely by a stampede of investors who are more concerned about missing out on a big up move than by improving market fundamentals. Melt-ups are often followed by sharp market setbacks)* Let's dig into the charts, see what keeps me up night and look at where our signals. Here's our market update for week ending April 30, 2019. #maketmeltup #marketupdate #bullmarket #bearmarket #treasuries #earnings

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